HPDMnet - High Performance Digital Media Network

The High Performance Digital Media Network (HPDMnet) is related to a set of activities, including basic research and development, design and analysis of investigative experiments, the management of an international testbed, provision of prototype services, demonstrations at public national and international venues, and publication of information about activities. HPDMnet is an experimental network research initiative that is designing, developing, and implementing the world’s first international high performance service for high quality, large-scale digital media that will be required in the future. HPDMnet is designed to support extremely large media streams, including those that are multiple Gbps. The basic architecture is scalable to 10 Gbps and higher volume streams. However, the majority of current research is focused on 1 Gbps streams supported by an L2/L1 service. However, it is possible to extend this service to other layers. This initiative is a major advance beyond such legacy services, which are based on architecture and technologies that have been in use for many years. Traditional network based digital media services are highly limited in many areas and cannot scale to meet emerging requirements. The approach represented by this project provides powerful capabilities not only for future digital media services but also for many other types of large scale data-intensive applications.

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