HPDMnet - High Performance Digital Media Network

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HPDMnet?
The High Performance Digital Media Network (HPDMnet) is an international networking research testbed, which was established as part of a major research project.

Why was the project established?
This research project is designing, developing and implementing the world’s first international high performance service specifically created for high quality, large-scale digital media, including support for extremely high volume media streams. Traditional technology used for supporting digital media on networks is limited in many ways.

Who is conducting this research?
This project was established by several major networking research centers

How can an organization connect to this service?
This service is initially being established as a prototype within the Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) environment, at GLIF Open Lambda Exchanges (GOLEs). For an organization to use the service, it has to establish a connection to one of the GOLEs that has implemented the service.

Are technical documents describing this service available?
Yes, they have been made available on this web site.

Does this service support only media streams?
No, this service can be used to support any large scale data streams.

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