HPDMnet - High Performance Digital Media Network

HPDMnet International Experimental Research Testbed

The HPDMnet research testbed has multiple sites within the GLIF infrastructure in North America and Europe. It will soon be extended to Asia. The testbed is being used to investigate multiple topics, including service initiation/termination, signaling for services, including by edge applications and clients, discovering resources, managing and controlling streams, receiving streams, transporting and duplicating streams, identifying resources, including unique path and topology IDs, termination point IDs, dynamic L2 and L1 (lightpaths), real time resource allocation and adjustment, establishing persistent and dynamic large scale L1/L2 resources, path discovery and optimization, multi-domain provisioning, integrated, addressable WAN and LAN paths, branching HPDM streams by setting parameters through device control systems (“optical multicast”), individually selecting multiple path options to optimize stream flows, scheduling and reservations, security, service guarantees, monitoring, performance metrics, analysis, reporting, reliability, and restoration.

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